Myths Guild Osrs (2024)

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a world teeming with quests, adventures, and hidden treasures. Among its many wonders lies the enigmatic Myths Guild, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. In this article, we'll delve deep into the myths surrounding the Myths Guild, separating fact from fiction and uncovering the secrets that lie within.

The Origins of the Myths Guild

The Myths Guild is a prestigious establishment located in the mythical land of Zeah. It stands as a symbol of knowledge, power, and ancient lore. Established by the most skilled adventurers of the realm, the guild serves as a hub for those seeking to unravel the secrets of the world.

A Legendary Reputation

The guild boasts a legendary reputation among adventurers, revered for its vast library of arcane knowledge and its association with the great heroes of old. Tales of its wonders have spread far and wide, drawing aspiring adventurers from all corners of the realm.

Myths Guild Quest

To gain entry into the Myths Guild, adventurers must embark on a daring quest known as "Dragon Slayer II." This epic adventure takes players on a journey across the realm, facing formidable challenges and confronting ancient evils. Only those who prove their courage and cunning will earn the right to join the ranks of the guild.

Dragon Slayer II: The Ultimate Test

The quest begins with a humble start but soon escalates into a grand adventure of epic proportions. Players must overcome fierce dragons, navigate treacherous dungeons, and unlock the secrets of the Myths Guild itself. It's a test of strength, wit, and determination like no other.

Inside the Myths Guild

Upon gaining entry into the Myths Guild, adventurers are greeted with a sight to behold. The guild hall is a sprawling complex filled with ancient artifacts, mystical tomes, and wise scholars. It serves as a sanctuary for those who seek to expand their knowledge and hone their skills.

The Library of Legends

At the heart of the guild lies the Library of Legends, a vast repository of knowledge spanning centuries. Here, adventurers can study ancient texts, delve into forgotten lore, and uncover the secrets of the world. It's a treasure trove of wisdom waiting to be explored.

Training Grounds

In addition to its vast library, the Myths Guild also offers state-of-the-art training facilities for aspiring adventurers. From combat training to magical studies, there's something for everyone to learn within its hallowed halls. It's a place where heroes are forged and legends are born.

Dispelling the Myths

Despite its esteemed reputation, the Myths Guild is not without its share of myths and misconceptions. Let's take a closer look at some of the most common myths surrounding this legendary institution and separate fact from fiction.

Myth: The Myths Guild is Inaccessible to New Players

While it's true that gaining entry into the Myths Guild requires completing a challenging quest, it's by no means inaccessible to new players. With determination and perseverance, adventurers of all levels can overcome the trials of "Dragon Slayer II" and earn their place among the guild's ranks.

Myth: The Myths Guild Holds Untold Riches

While the Myths Guild is indeed home to valuable knowledge and ancient artifacts, it's not a place where adventurers can simply plunder untold riches. The true wealth of the guild lies in the wisdom and experience gained through exploration and discovery.

Myth: The Myths Guild is Shrouded in Dark Magic

While the Myths Guild deals with arcane knowledge and mystical artifacts, it is not a place of dark magic or sinister intent. Rather, it serves as a beacon of light and knowledge in a world filled with darkness and uncertainty.


The Myths Guild stands as a testament to the spirit of adventure and exploration that defines Old School RuneScape. From its legendary quests to its vast repository of knowledge, it offers adventurers a chance to embark on epic journeys and uncover the secrets of the world. So, dare to venture forth and unlock the mysteries of the Myths Guild!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I join the Myths Guild as a low-level player? Absolutely! While gaining entry requires completing the "Dragon Slayer II" quest, adventurers of all levels can undertake the challenge with determination and skill.

2. What kind of rewards can I expect from joining the Myths Guild? Joining the Myths Guild grants access to unique training facilities, valuable knowledge, and the prestige of being part of an esteemed institution. Additionally, completing quests and tasks within the guild may yield rare rewards and treasures.

3. Is the Myths Guild only for magic users? Not at all! The Myths Guild welcomes adventurers of all disciplines, including warriors, rangers, and magic users. Its training facilities cater to a wide range of skills and abilities, ensuring that every adventurer can find something of value within its walls.

4. How long does it take to complete the "Dragon Slayer II" quest? The "Dragon Slayer II" quest is a substantial undertaking that may take several hours to complete, depending on the player's skill level and experience. However, with determination and perseverance, even newer players can conquer its challenges and gain entry into the Myths Guild.

5. Is the Myths Guild accessible to free-to-play players? Unfortunately, the Myths Guild is only accessible to members of Old School RuneScape. Free-to-play players will need to upgrade to a membership subscription to embark on the quest and gain entry into the guild.

Myths Guild Osrs (2024)
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